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Web Developer || Project Manager

Do you need a website that sells and gives more visibility to your brand?

Hi! My name is Rachel Seguin and I am here to manage and create you a better website. My team and I work on all aspects of the site: design, development and everything in between. A fix to your existing web presence or a brand new start - let me help you.

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What I Do
  • Web Development & Design

    I code websites that convert and sell. Bigger project?

    No problem! I work with a team of like-minded freelancing developers.

  • IT Support

    Have a website with an error?

    Hourly support avaliable to check and help you resolve the issue.

  • Image Optimization

    Do you product images for your website but need help to optimize it?

    Let me clean it up, tag it correctly and upload it to your website.

  • Copywriting

    Need compelling content or have no time to write the articles or ads?

    Let my team help!

  • Site Audit

    Examine and inspect current sites for security, SEO and/or internal issues.

  • General Website Fixer

    Not sure if you need a new site or just a small fix?

    Let me advise you of the platform and where to start.

Some Work Examples

Let's work together

I would love to hear from you and discuss your ideas. If there are any questions, send me an email or use the contact form below.

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